Nagstamon 2.0 finally out!

After a major overhaul Nagstamon is finally available in its 2.0 incarnation. Being formerly formed of Python 2 and GTK 2 it now comes freshly reshaped, made of Python 3 and Qt 5. This technology shift caused the longer absence of any other stable release, but was absolutely necessary to make sure there will be future releases too.

These are some new features and fixes:

  • Based on Qt 5 it now comes with a better integrated look-and-feel – especially remarkable on MacOS

  • Partly simplified design

  • Less clutter in setting dialogs

  • Runs even on latest Windows and MacOS

  • Uses QT 5 multimedia which means native sound on Linux and MacOS

  • Uses only SVG graphics – allows changing colors even in systray icon

  • Customizable font and font size

  • Adjust to dark or light desktop theme

  • Action allowing to copy host/service information to clipboard

  • Added ‘Archive Event’ action for Check_MK monitors

  • Additionally supports IcingaWeb2

  • Updated Opsview and Centreon to support latest monitor server versions

  • Experimental support for Livestatus and Zenoss

  • New build script based on cx-Freeze for Windows and MacOS

  • Native 64 bit version for Windows

  • No or less memory leaks, especially in Windows

  • Make sure only one instance per config is running

  • Millions of fixes

Thanks go to everyone helping with code, ideas, time and patience to develop and test new bugs features! 🙂 For details see the GitHub pull requests and issues sections or the CREDITS file…