Nagstamon 3.10.0 out

Once again there is a new release of Nagstamon: 3.10.0. It mostly consists of contributions by the community and a switch to the latest major release of the underlaying Qt framework. The results are better support for current monitoring servers, GUI features like higher resolution displays and more stability.

Main improvements are:

  • switch to Qt6 on most platforms
  • updated Centreon
  • improved Zabbix
  • new IcingaDB support
  • Icinga2 fixes
  • Prometheus fixes
  • Checkmk 2.0 fixes
  • show only active monitor servers in menus
  • and many more small fixes

Some users might notice some of these changes:

  • newer IcingaWeb installations might need switching to IcingaDBWeb server mode in Nagstamon
  • multiscreen setups now access screens by name and not by number as before
  • installation on Fedora Linux needs new Qt6 packages

As always get it at