Nagstamon 3.12.0 out

It’s spring time and a good time for a new release of Nagstamon. Since the last stable release these new features came in:

  • added option to hide dock icon on macOS when using systray
  • added fallback GSSAPI usage when no Kerberos is available
  • added usage of local certificate store on Windows

As always there were some fixes necessary, an important one of which is the adjustment of the changed Zabbix login since the latest version of Zabbix:

  • fixed Wayland support without using EWMH
  • fixes for Icinga
  • fixes for Zabbix
  • fixes for Centreon
  • fixes for Opsview
  • fixes for Monitos

The binaries and packages saw some changes too:

  • added support for RHEL9
  • added Windows debugging version
  • improved build pipeline on GitHub Actions

Thanks to all contributors!

One very helpful change at least for users of the Windows version is the introduction of code signing, which should lead to less hassle when installing. Surprisingly there where instantly less false positives on

Finally there is a new contribution page at to show some ways how to support this project with code, knowledge or donations.

As always get it at