Nagstamon 3.4 arrived

Finally a new stable version of Nagstamon is available. Its main changes were almost completely contributed by its community – thank you for all the pull requests!
Among the most notable improvements is the new feature of multiple hosts and services selection which makes applying actions on them even faster:

Selection of multiple items

The mostly complete list of changes looks like this:

  • added multiple item selection and actions execution
  • added notification for OK state
  • added darkmode for macOS
  • added option to copy service to clipboard
  • added support for custom CA cert for Sensu/Uchiwa
  • added support for IcingaWeb2 expire time
  • added server encoding detection
  • updated components
  • fixed crash when selecting downtime on down host
  • fixed settings filenames troubles by url-encoding them
  • fixed pyinstaller onefile issues on macOS
  • fixed Kerberos issues on macOS
  • fixed Cinnamon systray/popup issue
  • Centreon fixes
  • Checkmk fixes
  • IcingaWeb2 fixes
  • Monitos4x fixes
  • op5Monitor fixes
  • Sensu fixes

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.